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220 rooms Hotel Joint venture partnership @ Utako, Abuja - Utako - Abuja

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Property Details

The property is a 7-storey, 220 rooms substructure (carcass unit) sitting on a 6756.46m square, directly facing two streets (locally called a corner-piece property). Beside the hotel plot is a garden, sports and recreational plot measuring (insert garden plot size). Same client owns both properties.

Both properties are available for negotiations.

See more details below:

Hotel Plot Address: Hotel Plot Location: 863 Zone B05, Augustus Aikhomo Way, Utako District

Hotel Plot size:  6756.46m square

Recreational Garden Address: Plot 295, Zone B05, Augustus Aikhomo Way, Utako District, Abuja, Nigeria.

Recreational Garden Size: 4.3 Hectares


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